The Rodgers Tavern Museum stands on the east bank of the Susquehanna River in Perryville, Maryland.  Built n the 1740's, the tavern has been known as Stephenson's Tavern or Rodgers Tavern and was near to a ferry crossing established in 1695.  Located on the Post Road between Baltimore and Philadelphia, numerous travelers crossed the river, lodged for the night, and partook of food and drink.  As bridges and railroads replaced ferries and carriages, the once popular route via the Lower Susquehanna Ferry diminished in use and the tavern was no longer needed.  It ta ceased operation in the 1880's and became a duplex housing unit.

During that time, the Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington Railroad bought the property and the building entered a period of neglect and deterioration.  In 1956, spurred by various societies to save Rodgers Tavern, the Society for the Preservation of Maryland Antiquities (now Preservation Maryland) bought the building.  Fourteen local civic and patriotic organizations united to form the Friends of Rodgers Tavern to preserve and restore it to its former state.  Through their diligence, the tavern was placed on the National Register of Historic Places on April 26, 1972. 

In 1993, ownership of Rodgers Tavern was transferred to the Town of Perryville.  The Town seeks to continue to preserve this building and facilitate its usefulness as a historic center for cultural and community activities.

"My son enjoyed a class trip to the Tavern today!  He was all excited that George Washington had been there!  Thanks!"

Our Mission

Rodgers Tavern was a vital link along one of the most important roadways in America’s early history.  The museum preserves and shares the inimitable stories of the famous, and not so famous, travelers and tavern keepers who journeyed through Perryville and into American history from 1740 until 1880.


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